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Contractor Companies

Contracting through your own limited company can often be a tax efficient way in which to provide your services. The fact that you will have to comply with managed service company legislation and IR35 provisions shouldn’t make the task of operating through your own limited company an onerous one.

Our pro-active approach to the provision of Accounting and Tax services already helps hundreds of energy sector contractors throughout the UK.

Starting with an initial tax efficiency review, we help you build a long-term sustainable remuneration plan that aims to reduce present-day tax and maximise future wealth. Following such a tailor made remuneration strategy could help you retain in excess of 80% of your gross contract value.

What’s more, our advice is given on an ongoing basis from a named personal advisor. Your advisor will develop a strong collaborative relationship with you, so you don’t end up unnecessarily giving hard-earned money to the tax man.

So, give yourself more credit. Contact us today to help you reduce tax and increase your wealth.


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